Business Spotlight: Ackerman Law PLLC

Ackerman Law PLLC, founded by Michael S. Ackerman, is based on Long Island, and its professionals have been serving Long Island’s real estate needs since 2002.

How did Ackerman Law PLLC get started?

Ackerman Law PLLC was founded by Michael S. Ackerman. Michael has focused in Real Estate since 2001. While in law school, Michael interned at a major title insurance company and from there went on to become counsel, where he advised attorney’s daily on real estate and title matters. The experience and knowledge obtained during that time helped form the solid foundation he now has in Real Estate law.  Michael went on to open his own law firm and has been in business since 2004.

Tell us more about Ackerman Law. How can you help fellow Long Islanders?

Ackerman Law PLLC is a law firm focusing in Real Estate transactions, servicing a wide variety of clients, ranging from the first time home buyer to the sophisticated real estate investor as well as the private to institutional lender.

We handle :

  • Single and Multi-Family Homes
  • Cooperative Apartments
  • Condominiums, Town Houses and Homeowner’s Associations
  • New Constructions and Condo-Offerings
  • Vacant Land
  • Bank-Owned and Foreclosed Properties
  • Commercial and Mixed-Use
  • Short-Sales

What is the one thing your business is known for over your competitors?

Ackerman Law PLLC is known for and prides itself on its ability and reputation for getting the deal done, providing its clients the highest levels of customer service, satisfaction and speed.   This is why we make ourselves accessible to move your deal and closing forward, at all times necessary. Ackerman Law PLLC understands that real estate moves quickly and therefore each transaction is treated with urgency all the while paying attention to detail.

Our reputation for service, experience and speed is based upon our results.  We perform same-day turnaround times on contract preparation and negotiation, accessibility to speak with our clients, realtors and other attorneys at all times necessary to move the deal forward, and our transparent approach.  Our clients appreciate how we treat them not only as clients but also as friends and family.

What would you want current or potential customers to know about your business that they may not know already?

Ackerman Law PLLC focuses in real estate so rest assured that when you work with us, you have a team behind you that has the experience, knowledge and resources necessary to get from contract to close as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.  

What is the biggest “win” in your business’ history?

We see every see every closing we do for our clients as a win, as well as the numerous referrals we receive from previous clients and real estate professionals as a win.  We like winning!

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Where can people get in touch with you?

Ackerman Law PLLC 

Michael S. Ackerman


Phone: 516-877-1500


Business Spotlight: George Scarpias – Licensed Real Estate Broker

Here’s the story of a lifelong Long Islander, George Scarpias, who, through his hard work and dedication, has helped hundreds of Long Island families buy or sell their homes.

Hi George! Lets start from the beginning. How did you get started in Real Estate?

I became a real estate agent because I saw a need for change in a very dated industry. Real Estate has become too much of a transaction and less of an experience. I wanted to give a fun and exciting spin to Real Estate by actually treating people like family. Since inception, the Scarpias Team has grown to a team of twelve like-minded, local parents.

What is your connection to Long Island?

Born and raised in Massapequa and a resident for almost 40 years, I have deep roots in the community. I graduated Massapequa High School as captain of the men’s soccer team and have three beautiful children in the school system. In fact, our entire team are local moms and dads.

My business involves buying, selling and renting both Residential and Commercial properties from Montauk to Manhattan. We have many ties to the local markets and have become some of the most referred agents in the local Moms and Dads Groups on Facebook. We are proud to have brought a fun and exciting real estate experience to over 400 local families from these groups.

What is one thing your team is known for over your competitors?

We give a one of a kind experience by always going above and beyond for our clients. Our family first approach makes every client part of the family.

We believe going the extra mile makes a world of a difference. Real Estate fast & furious leaves you with many questions. Our goal is to make your deal as smooth as possible.

What would you want current or potential clients to know about your business that they may not know already?

During the holiday season, we run a Christmas light show on our house that we customize with music and dancing lights. We are known as “The Massapequa Christmas House” on Facebook. We collect toys and donations for a local children’s hospital. During the pandemic, we were able to donate 10,000 “ear savers” for first responders.

What is the biggest “win” in your business’ history?

The biggest “win” for our business I would say, has to be the massive support we have received from the local Moms and Dads groups. The support has been amazing over the years and we are so unbelievably grateful every single day. The George Scarpias Team has become a household name for anything Real Estate.

Has your business won any awards?

Yes we have! We are proud of all of the awards and recognitions we have received:

  • Companywide Top Listing & Sales Agent 2017-2020
  • Top 20 Under 40 Rising Star
  • Coach Pinnacle Agent Top 1% Sales Long Island
  • Pulse Magazine Power Broker of Long Island
  • Presidents’ Club Hall of Fame

You mentioned the charitable work you have done through your Christmas House. What other charities and community groups are you involved with?

We are involved in charities for The John Theissen Children Foundation, The Ashley Wade Foundation, Be a Kid Foundation. We also support local businesses and sports teams in addition to the Massapequa Christmas House.

Thanks for sharing with us, George! Where can people get in touch with you?

People can reach me directly at (516) 330-1949 or via email at Please also follow us on Facebook!

Homeowner Alliance

Here’s the story of fellow Long Islanders, David Pescetto and Cookie Tini, who have created a non-profit, Homeowner Alliance, where prospective home buyers and sellers could receive guidance and assistance.

Hi Cookie and Dave! How did you get started with Homeowner Alliance?

We started as a small group of individuals who were in search of helping homeowners create a place where they could receive sincere guidance and assistance. As we were sitting around and talking, we couldn’t believe how many homeowner’s had trouble with attorneys, banks, real estate agents, and investors taking advantage of them and sometimes even making matters worse.   Unfortunately, some of us have lived through these same nightmares with our own homes and/or family members.  We have learned firsthand the agonizing struggles working with incompetent banks, real estate agents, attorneys and investors alike.

​We have heard all too many times a client telling us:

  1. “The bank won’t talk to us.”
  2. “The agent was nice, but had no idea what they were doing.”
  3. “We have paid an exuberant amount of money to an attorney to try to save our house, but wound up losing it anyway.”
  4. “I trusted an investor who promised me a place to live and money, but never delivered.”
  5. “I was told that I would be able to get a modification done and paid the person to do it and found out that they never even sent in the paperwork and I was hung out to dry.”

​Unfortunately, the above are just a small fraction of what we hear. However, it is important to note that there are amazing banks, attorneys, real estate agents and investors out there.   In fact, we personally work with many of them who have a proven track record and an outstanding reputation.

After all the sad stories we heard, we decided to take matters into our own hands and opened up a non-profit. When working with us you will find FAIR and HONEST guidance regarding your situation.  We will do all we can to keep families in their homes and preserve communities.  Please remember YOU are not alone.

What services do you offer?

Homeowner Alliance is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to homeowners struggling with the many obstacles of home-ownership and navigating through difficult bank guidelines. Our first line of defense is to help you KEEP your home!  If you are having issues with your mortgage, we are here to help you.  Our services include: loan modification, foreclosure assistance, auctions, distressed properties, probate, tax liens, divorce circumstances, and real estate sales. Going through any of these situations can be very daunting and confusing, our goal is to educate homeowners and help them arrive at the best outcome. We know confidentiality is very important to most people and we value your privacy. 

What is the one thing your business is known for over your competitors?

First and foremost, we are ALWAYS honest, compassionate and transparent. Collectively we have over 20 years in the real estate and mortgage industry.  If we can’t help a homeowner, we will steer them in the right direction and recommend them to someone who can, even if that is a competitor.

What would you want current or potential customers to know about your business that they may not know already?

More important than our collective experience in the real estate industry is that we have experienced firsthand what it is like to be a distressed homeowner and/or lose a home. Experiencing sleepless nights, frustration, confusion and stress can be overwhelming and sometimes unbearable to handle.  However, we also know what it takes to alleviate these concerns and get the best outcome for the homeowner. 

What is the biggest “win” in your business’ history? Explain what it was, how it came about, and what it meant to your business.

The biggest win for us was when we realized we could help homeowner’s that have all types of mortgages including a reverse mortgage which we were told could not be done.  Marie was a 79-year-old widow who was being harassed by every investor, attorney and short sale company.  One day I knocked on Marie’s door and we talked through a window for some time and when she felt comfortable with me, she invited me in.  She was super stressed and extremely overwhelmed.  I sat at Marie’s kitchen table and listened to her story.  As we were sitting there, she received 4 consecutive phone calls from the same short sale company (she was very upset about this constant harassment), on the 4th call I asked if I could answer the phone and speak on her behalf, she agreed and fortunately I spoke with the caller and stopped the harassment.  As we continued to talk it came to light that Marie did not tell her children what she was going through for the past 3 years. When we were done speaking, I told her we would try to help her and if we couldn’t we would recommend her to someone who could. I suggested she speak with her children and let them know what was happening.  In addition, I suggested that the next time we meet it was important to have all or at least one of her children present. The next time we met she told me she discussed everything with her children and gave me her sons number and asked me to explain to him what was going on.  Once we had both Marie and her children on board, paperwork was signed, we were able to move forward and get the best outcome for Marie.  We settled with the bank, obtained moving and living expenses for her to start her new journey.   Knowing that we could now help the elderly with reverse mortgages has meant a lot to us and the homeowner.

What else should we know about Homeowner Alliance?

If you’re going through any of these situations or know someone who is please don’t hesitate to Call, text or email our office today and one of our advocates will be there to assist with any question you may have.

Our goal is to educate homeowners and help them arrive at the best outcome.

Homeowner Alliance

David Pescetto Cell: (516) 474-3944

Cookie Tini Cell: (631) 509-3886