Business Spotlight: Jesco Brick & Concrete Masonry

Here’s the story of a fellow Long Islander, Brett Ladd, President and CEO of Jesco Brick & Concrete Masonry.

Hey Brett! Let’s start from the beginning. As the President/CEO/Artistic Director/Founder of Jesco Brick & Concrete Masonry, have you always been entrepreneurial?

Absolutely! I was THAT kid! You know, the one who sold candy in school to make some extra money. Thankfully I learned to hustle and work hard at a young age and I still apply those principles in my work today.

Tell us about the pre-Jesco Brett.

I am originally from Queens but moved to Nesconset when I was 13 and attended Sachem Schools. At 17 years old, I decided to lease a coffee truck route as my first real entrepreneurial venture (not including my childhood candy game). two years later, I started a successful towing business with 4 tow trucks. After running the business for 14 years, I sold the towing business, having grown it to 32 trucks.

Is that when Jesco was born?

Yes, well sort of. At this point I am a young man who has already created a business, grown it and sold it. The entrepreneur in me was looking for more challenging work, and this time I wanted to do something I was passionate about where I could incorporate my artistic expression. I was always interested in design and creation. It was at this point that I spoke with a close family member who was in the masonry business. I spent the next year shadowing him on his every day routine. I must have asked a million questions of him in order to really get to know the business. I knew masonry and artistic creations was exactly what I wanted to do. After picking his brain, I asked for (and received) his blessing to go out on my own… and Jesco was born!

What is the one thing Jesco Brick & Concrete is known for over it’s competitors?

With Jesco, its not just about aesthetics. There are many talented masonry businesses in this area. What truly sets us apart is our meticulous workmanship and customer service. Not only are we about making things look great, we are built for longevity as well. We are about construction and base as well as aesthetics.

Our clients are treated like family and every job is done with the caring a precision we would give as if we were working on our own homes. This is why we get so many repeat customers.

What would you want current or potential customers to know about Jesco that they may not know already?

Jesco has also done over 100 house rehabs and flips throughout Long Island. So if anyone knows any potential fix and flips, give us a call.

Also, we do plenty of the “unglamorous” jobs as well, including basement entrances, stoops, sidewalks, etc.

Has Jesco received any awards or recognitions?

We are very proud to be featured in both the Nicolock and the Cambridge Paving Stone catalogues. These huge companies have their choice of thousands of mason’s work and they chose Jesco. It is both exciting and humbling to be chosen.

Is Jesco involved in any local charity work or community groups?

Both during and before the pandemic hit, Jesco has been involved in donations to essential workers. We also donate regularly to local not-for-profits, fundraisers, etc. It’s always been very important for me to give back.

What has been the biggest “win” in Jesco’s history?

The biggest win is definitely the loyal and repeat customers. They are the reason we have been able to achieve this level of success.

What was your favorite backyard creation you have ever done?

A few years back a gentleman with a home on the bluff in Rocky Point gave me total creative control with the project and I ran with it! He gave me a budget of $350K and I created what you see below. How did I do?

What is the biggest risk you have taken with your business?

Other than starting the business in the first place, the biggest risk I have taken is buying the building where my office is in Farmingville. I really wanted to make Jesco a permanent staple in the industry and on Long Island and felt having a permanent home for my business was important.

If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Honestly? Nothing. Every bump and bruise is a learning experience. We try to get better every single day. Every mistake and misstep allows us to learn and get better. One of the keys to a successful business is to constantly learn new things and evolve.

Thanks for sharing your story Brett! How can our audience get ahold of you?

It was my pleasure! Check out our website at

Give us a call at (631) 846-9800 or message us on Facebook.

On Instagram, we can be found @patio_assassin or @JescoBrickLI