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Go to Yoga,

Talk to me…… Yoga.

What is your deal in today’s busy, scary, fast, confusing, unjust and misunderstood world?

I’m “just” a person trying to raise small people to be good humans. Trying to find some girlfriend time, some laundry time, some professional time, some intellectual time, some party time, some exercise time, some time to have a date with my husband, some inspiration and some peace. Some extra sleep would be great, too.

I’d actually love to immerse myself in a book…but that seems to be on the back burner these days. I went to university, I studied hard, I traveled, I learned, I gained wisdom and yet, I feel like I have lost so much of the time with where this big rotating, hot ball of fire and rock is headed.

I’m aware of so much that’s going on; I’m aware of the injustices, the suffering, the hurt and I just want to help. I want to make a difference. I want to be a positive, contributory human. I’m just one person- how can I be of any significance in this vast world of inequality and injustices?

Well, I can.

Last time I checked it often takes two incomes to survive and “thrive” on Long Island. We have access to beautiful beaches, reputable schools and tree lined neighborhoods with a reasonable level of community connectedness and safety for the most part. These privileges don’t come without hard work and a day in day out effort of many contributory individuals.

When we think of “modern” yoga in North America, we think of flexible, zen, expensive yoga apparel and women with time off during the day to do yoga.

Who are these people? How do “they” get to be the ones practicing yoga while the rest of us are slaving away trying to make ends meet? At the end of the day, there sure doesn’t seem to be a lot of time left over to steal away to do an hour of yoga let alone drive there and back AND grab a shower.

How do I get to be a “yogi?” I want zen, I want to feel peaceful and I want to stop feeling like I’m burning the candle at both ends. Surely, I also want to stop being angry in traffic, stop yelling at my kids, and hey, I sure would like to reconnect with my partner, too.

At the end of the busy workday, when you’re done with 9-5 (or more!), errands, making something edible for dinner and maybe even carving out some personal time for yourself, yoga is waiting for you.

Many individuals don’t consider themselves to be a “yogi” whether it be due to a lack of participation, a lack of flexibility or perhaps a lack of accessibility. Yoga roots in India lead by spiritual leaders with decades of practice can often seem daunting and an unknown world. Mainstream life gets busy, but you know what?

Yoga doesn’t care about anything but …….YOU.

Yoga doesn’t care what you wear, to practice. Lululemon? Yoga doesn’t care!

Yoga doesn’t care if you go to a studio, the floor of your home, a local park or even the beach.

Yoga is….you.

Yoga is your mindset.

Yoga is every fiber of your being.

Yoga is the 5 minutes of gratitude that you carve out for yourself before your day starts.

Yoga is sitting in your car before going into that big meeting or that double shift and closing your eyes to thank a power higher than yourself for the opportunity to try to serve, to learn and to grow.

Yoga is getting into a car accident and not screaming at the other party but rather asking them if they are ok?

Yoga is thanking your partner, friend or children for the smallest of things that they do with zero expectations that they will do more tomorrow or repeat their actions again.

Yoga is about looking at the glass half full not half empty.

Yoga is gratitude.

Yoga is love.

Yoga is trust.

Yoga is life sustaining breath.

Yoga is compassion.

Yoga is about stating what you “get” to do today instead of what you “have” to do.

Food shopping? I get to do it. Laundry? I’m grateful for clean, warm dry clothes to wear each day. Breakup? My destiny is coming. Better things are happening in my life.

Yoga is a re-programming and unlearning of everything you were told to be true.

Yoga is always there for you, if you wish to see it as such.

Lonely? Go to yoga.

Happy? Go to yoga.

When you go to yoga, you think the best of everyone and everything with zero expectations of reciprocation.

Yoga sets you free, your thoughts, your preconceived notions and everything you were told to be true.

Yoga allows you to see the best in everyone and everything.

Consider……going to yoga.

The collective yoga mindset of each of us might just change the world; you never know.

Laurie K Zadeh
Director of New Business Development