“It’s not for you. It’s for them.”

“It’s not for you. It’s for them.”

Yes, as there is truth behind this statement, the problem is 95% of the people I have helped set up a customized “Life Insurance “ plan have no idea how much they can benefit “For themself” not just for their families or loved ones. So many have the perception that life insurance is only there if you God forbid passed away before life expectancy, your loved ones will be left with a sum of Tax-Free money. What most don’t realize is if you do not pass away young, these plans can be one of the best sources of retirement because all the money inside the cash value of a whole life, universal life or variable life insurance grows tax-free over the life of the policy. So you essentially can kill two birds 🐦🐦 with one stone ☄️, Protection for your family or a loved one while saving for your retirement. These plans are very complex and a lot more details go into design one, let’s discuss your options on how to design a plan that suits you and your needs best.

Now more than ever should be an eye-opener to have protection. As of today, 23,649 deaths have been confirmed of the COVID-19 virus. Think about how many families will be financially affected by the loss of a partner’s income they no longer have for bills and life.

Greg Scheinberg
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